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Krantijyoti Savitribai Phule
Parabhani Jilhyatil Aarogy Kendrachya……….
Sadanand Gone
Dr.Bhupen Hazarikas Contribution To Mankind: A Saga Of Reawakening, Retrieval And Humanity
Munmi Sen
Attitudes Of College Teachers Towards Workshop, Seminar And Conference
Mane Suresh Shankar and Naik Tarsing B.
A sound programme of education of college teachers is essential for the qualitative improvement of education. Investment in teacher education can yield very rich dividends because the financial resources required are small when measured against the resulting improvement in the education of millions. The purpose of workshop,conference and seminars is improvement of education and teaching- learning process.Two important events in the past are cited as an evidence in this regard .The National policy on education(1986) paid special attention to teacher preparation programme and it become instrumental in getting a special scheme of strengthening and re-organisation of teacher education.
Population Pressure And Changing Landuse Profile Of Beed District, Maharashtra State
H.N. Rede
The present paper examines the changes in the land use profile of Beed district, due to increasing pressure of its population. It is found that there are significant changes in the land uses of the district from forest dominated to agriculture-dominated. Rural populations have the dominance of agricultural activities associated with agricultural land use. The changes in the land uses from non-arable to arable land are observed because of increasing population pressure on land in the study region.