Journals FAQ’s :


Q: What is GRT?
A: Simply put G.R.T. stands for Golden Research Thoughts.

Q: What is ISSN?
A: ISSN is Internationl Standard Serial Number, is an eight digit number .

Q: Is GRT assigned ISSN?
A: Yes, GRT assigned ISSN No – 2231-5063.

Q: What is peer review?
A: A professor or someone at GRT will be able to assist you further.

Q: Is GRT peer reviewed?
A: GRT is a peer reviewed.

Q: What is double blind peer review?
A: It is very simple.
Peer : Some one of equal standing with another. especially belonging to the same societyal groupor status.
Review : A critical inspection on examination
Double blind peer review : Neither the author nor the reviewers know each other identities, In order to keep this process fair and impartial so review is done without influence reputation of his/her.

Q: How review peers takes place?
A: Answer

Q: What is open access?
A: Open access means that every paper is freely available for everyone to read.

Q: How does the review process work?
A: The review of articles is done through a blind peer review. All articles reviewed by GRT are send to Review committee after deleting of the author to have unbiased opinion about the research.

Q: What are procedure for fast publication?
A: I) As per guidelines and format
II) Covered all point whichever necessary
III) Complete address and content
IV) Soft copy, hard copy as per guidelines
V )Article accepted by reviewers

Q: What are the reasons delays for publication? ?
A: I) Incomplete Article
II) Reviewers recommended some changes
III) If font are different
IV) Absent of any points for example abstract, key words research method,
data analysis or research integration

Q: How do you choose the reviewer?
A: Eminent academicians are on the editorial and advisory board of GRT along with that we have a panel of renowned academicians and industry professionals to review the research articles.

Q: How long do reviews usually take?
A: Minimum for any article is 3-4 days.

Q: Does Information for Authors “Appears in print?”
A: Yes, at the last page of all the print issues of each volume.

Q: What is the limit on the number of authors for the original research article?
A: There is no limit on the number of authors for the manuscripts.

Q: What is the limit on the number of pages for original research article?
A: No article should be exceed more than 10 pages unless necessary.

Q: How many figures and tables may I include?
A: Original research articles should have no more than 5 figures and tables.

Q: May I send you my manuscript in my native language?
A: We accept only English, Hindi or Marathi languages.

Q: What is open access?
A: All articles published in Golden Research Thoughts are open access, which means they are freely and universally accessible online and permanently archived in an internationally recognized open access repository.

Q: What is Article – processing charges?
A: As the cost of peer reviewing, editing, publishing, maintaining and archiving articles is not recouped through subscription charges.

Q: How much of the content on the website is available for free.
A: All articles published in Golden Research Thoughts are open access, which means they are freely and universally accessible online, immediately upon publications.

Q: How do I submit an article to GRT?
A: There are many ways to submit articles, on line submit, via email or by post.

Q: How many issues of GRT are published each year?
A: The Journal to published every month i.e. 12 Journal a year.

Q: What file formats are acceptable for the varies parts of my submission ?
A: Please refer to the following table.

Submission Item Accepted File Types
  Original Manuscripts
(Including figures, legends)
English- Times New Roman
Marathi/Hindi- Kruti Dev 010
  Tables Figures.   DOC

How can I help?
A: Besides submitting your articles, you can help by becoming a member of the review board. Your duties on the board will include peer review. You will be fully acknowledged as a participating member. Also, if you have some unique skills that you believe could be use of to the GRT, Please Contact us.

Q: Is the Journal published at regular Internals?
A: Submission Due 15th of every month. Notification of Acceptance: 20th of every month. Publication Date: Last day of every month.

Q: What are subscription charges?
A: For Professor : Annual Subscription Rs.1000/-
Single Copy – Rs.200/-
Institution Rs.2000/- per year.
Payments in respects of Subscriptions and advertisement may be sent by Cheque, bank draft to in favor of Dr. Ashok Yakkaldevi.

Q: Can I stand research paper on pharmacy subject?
A: Yes, GRT is multidisciplinary. It is covered the all UGC approved subject.

Q: How do I send article processing charges?
A: You can send D.D. , M.O. or you can pay directly on SBI AC 31572457806 or Bank of Maharashtra 60001160885 in favor of ASHOK YAKKALDEVI

Q: The location of GRT publication office?